Communication is a wide universe with multiple dimensions. It shapes the world and affects all of our lives. Whether it is through individuals interaction or when thinking of the business market. Communicating is the very essence of human beings. Languages and mediums may evolve, but no relationship can exist without a minimum of communication between a sender and a receiver.

When thinking “business” we must think about building relationships and connecting with the right people who will need what service/product we have to offer. In other words, success requires efficient Communication to the right target.

Trans2Com offers translation services from English to French, adapted to your needs. We also offer Strategic Writing Services as part of our Communication services in French. We want to help you communicate efficiently in French; so that you will be able to achieve your communication goals, which will significantly affect your business goals.
Whether you are an English writer, an entrepreneur, a small or medium-sized business, or a large well-established organization, it will be our pleasure to discuss with you, assess your needs, and help you reach your target audiences.

The woman behind the vision…

Dulcie Suiwa is a bilingual woman (English and French), a true lover of the French language and Communication.
She has studied Communication, Public Relations. What led her to become an entrepreneur was a profound desire to help people who help others by making their resources, products, and/or services accessible to the francophone market.

Seeing people thriving at what they love doing and reaching their goals and dreams gives Dulcie a sense of true satisfaction! Helping businesses and business people who have services or products that can really help improve other peoples’ life quality is rewarding in itself!

On another note, she is also a versatile and self-taught artist. Therefore, she spends a lot of her spare time creating artworks, writing music and stories of all kinds.

When the passion-driven entrepreneur isn’t working on some business mandate or personal project, she enjoys travelling or doing some family activities with her daughter and her husband.

Dulcie is professional, creative, and visionary. She firmly believes in the strength of teamwork to maximize everyone’s potential: “Together, we can make your project or your business shine and accomplish great things” is her motto!

Dulcie Suiwa

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